Top 10 Ways to Lower your Air Conditioning Bill

In order to avoid expensive summer electric bills, many homeowners will attempt to use less air conditioning in their home. Fortunately, there are many hassle-free ways to lower your AC bill. After consulting with trusted experts in the industry, we've unlocked the top 10 ways to lower your AC bill!

  1. Get a Lower Electric Rate - Perhaps the best way to permanently lower your electric bill and reduce AC costs is to locate an electric supplier offering a lower rate. If your state supports electricity deregulation, you can now reduce your monthly electric bill up to 20% by switching your service to a low-cost supplier.
  2. Use Less AC - Obviously, one of the best ways to lower your AC bill is to simply use less air conditioning. Many of us hesitate to do this, though, because we want to be comfortable in our home during hot summer months. But there are ways to be comfortable and use less AC. For example, set an AC timer to turn off your AC when you leave for work and turn back on shortly before you return home. Another way to lower your AC bill is to turn your AC off at night while you sleep.
  3. Seal Windows and Doors - If your home's AC easily escapes through unsealed windows and doors, it's like tossing money into the garbage can. By weather-stripping or caulking leaky windows and doors, you can reduce your AC bill and energy usage up to 20%!
  4. Check your AC's Filter - In order to maximize the efficiency of your AC unit, clean or replace your AC filter once a month. Air conditioning units with blocked or dirty filters must work harder to push cool air into your home. Keeping a clean filter will not only conserve energy and reduce your AC bill but also protect your AC unit.
  5. Cool Off with Fans - Although fans don't technically make a room's air cooler, they do succeed in making people feel cooler. In fact, using ceiling or floor fans can make a room feel up to three degrees cooler than it actually is.
  6. Buy an Appropriately-Sized AC unit - If you're looking for a new AC window unit, check the Energy Star guidelines to determine the appropriate size you need. An AC unit that is too large or powerful for your room not only wastes energy but also removes less humidity.
  7. Ensure Proper Insulation - Improperly insulated attics and basements can lose up to 50% of a home's cooled air. Ensuring that your home is properly insulated can save you hundreds of dollars a year in AC costs.
  8. Use CFL Bulbs - Although it may sound like a minor adjustment, switching from incandescent light bulbs to CFL bulbs can lower your AC bill. CFLs use 75% less energy and produce 90% less heat than incandescent bulbs; they'll not only reduce your AC bill but also your lighting bill!
  9. Check your Ductwork - Ducts are one of the most important, yet overlooked, aspects of a home: they distribute and redistribute cooled or heated air throughout your home. An improperly installed or leaking duct wastes AC, costing you hundreds of extra dollars a year. To lower your AC bill, ensure that your ductwork is 100% efficient.
  10. Use Window Units - If you live in a large house but typically use only a couple of rooms, consider turning off your central AC and use more-efficient window units instead. Window AC units allow you to cool just the room you're using rather than the entire house. They also bypass your home's duct system which, if not up to code, can waste electricity.


Publish Date: 2010-06-09 20:50:08

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