How to Save Money On Your Electric Bill During Winter

The cold months of winter often mean high electric bills for many people. Here are ten tips for saving money on your winter electric bills this year:

  1. Stop using whole house heating. This is especially important if you have a large home and yet spend a large portion of the day in one or two rooms. Turn off the whole house heating system and use room heaters instead. Simply closing ducts in the rooms you aren't using is a smart way to go. This can save you a lot of money during the cold winter months!
  2. Use a programmable thermostat. When you do use whole house heating, use it as little as possible. A programmable thermostat allows you to heat the house right before you get home but keep it cold while you're away.
  3. Make sure that your home has the proper up-to-date insulation that it needs. This is especially important in basements and attics.
  4. Are your ducts in a row? In other words, have you insulated any heating ducts that are exposed to cold weather? This is a key part of winter insulation that a lot of people unfortunately forget to do.
  5. Be smart with your window coverings. You want to do all that you can to keep the heat in the house and not leaking out into the wider world. Heavy drapes that are hung close to the window are a great way to make sure of this. Open them during the daytime and then close them at night to make the most use of the sunlight that does come in during the short daylight hours.
  6. Make sure the windows themselves aren't leaking air. Before you even hang those winter window draperies you want to take a close look at the windows themselves. Do you have any cracks or leaks that need to be repaired or caulked? Did you put up your storm windows for the season? The right windows can save you a lot of money on wasted electricity this winter.
  7. Check if your furnace and filters are ready for the new winter. You should get your furnace cleaned and serviced every year so that it works as efficiently as possible. You also want to make sure that all heating filters are fresh and new so that they can work at optimal capacity as well. The better your heating tools work, the less hard they'll have to work!
  8. Use your fireplace ... wisely. Heating your home with a fireplace is a great alternative to using electricity for a portion of the time. However, you don't want the fireplace to remain open when it's not in use because your electric heat will escape through your chimney. Close it up when you aren't using it this year to prevent energy waste.
  9. Turn on the fan. Heat rises. Ceiling fans set on low and reversed are able to draw the heat back down to the bottom of the room where you can actually feel it. Although you pay to power the fan, you pay a lot less than if you're trying to heat the room and all of the hot air is stuck near the ceiling.
  10. Switch to a lower cost electricity supplier. If you haven't done this yet then now is the time to do it. Electric bills are often highest in winter and you can save as much as twenty percent just by changing to a lower cost supplier.

These tips are a great way to save money on electricity during the cold winter months. Visit for more energy saving tips that can help you lower your monthly electric bill.

Publish Date: 2010-11-30 17:21:16

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